Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hi there.

I have always believed in "It's never too late to change". I have always thought the day will come when I will start to change.
"Don't worry about it Rje. You will change. Everyone does, at one point. It's just not your time yet." 
I keep telling myself that. Day after day. Month after month. It is now 2013. And what have I become? Am I a daughter that makes her parents proud? Am I good enough to be someone's wife? Am I a good friend?

The thing is, sometimes I get confused. What do I really mean when I say I want to change? I look back and think and wonder and search and ponder......

I just want to be a great human being. A good person. An awesome friend. A great daughter. Above all, a great Muslimah...

Pray for me, will you?